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Ford Racing Street Smart

Mark Rapp, from Huntington Beach California, and his awesome Nova. Mark is using our Turbo 400 Pro Touring Trans, PA40105, with the transbrake option, PA40300. This beautiful car races on the west coast at PSCA and NMCA events.

Performance Automatic is proud to announce its latest addition to our Ford Performance Transmission line of parts, the C6 Pro Shift Super Servo, PA36411. Our C6 Pro Shift Super Servo fits all Ford C6 transmission from 1967-1990. This servo is designed to replace the Ford “R” servo. This is the part you need to give that C6 a positive 1-2 and 2-3 shifts as well as a clean 3-2 kick down. The C6 Pro Shift Super Servo is American made and constructed from 6061-T6 billet aluminum. In its design a lip seal replaces the O-ring for better static release into 3rd. For the best shift feel and timing of any servo combination, you need Performance Automatic’s PA36411, C6 Pro Shift Super Servo.
Hi...I'm headed into my sixth season running a PA Super Comp. I've taken full advantage of the tranny's lifetime warrantee and free freshen ups. I've mostly dealt with Bill and he's been great to deal with. I've beat the daylights out of my tranny and it's helped me stay at the top of my class at New England Dragway. As a result I recommend the Super Comp to anyone who'll listen. Thanks for the reliability and support.
> Bob Dugan
> Nasty Tantrum Drag Racing

PAYK 13800 TF727
PAYK35800 T350,2004R,700R4,4L60E
PAYK36800 C6
PAYK40800 T400, 4L80E
PAYK45800 4R70W

Tim uses our C4 Super Comp Trans in his LSX Powered Mustang. He is the champion in the Big Block N/A class at Hot Rod Drag Week.

Performance Automatic is proud to announce its New Deep Aluminum 6R80 Transmission Pan for 2008-11 Ford Trucks and SUVs. The rugged, yet good looking, cast aluminum construction not only adds strength and structural integrity to the trans but helps dissipate heat and keeps the fluid cooler due to the extra 3 quart capacity. The pan also comes with a drain, so normal servicing becomes easy. The extra fluid this pan accommodates also allows the torque converter to lock up better with some added horsepower or when towing and help the transmissions efficiency when the pressures are turned up. So whether your vehicle is used as a daily driver or for towing the Performance Automatic 6R80 Deep Aluminum Pan will help extend the life of your transmission. The PA68403 is a direct replacement and is easy to install with simple hand tools.
PA68403 – 6R80 Deep Aluminum Pan fits:
2008-2010 Expedition, Navigator, Explorer, Mountaineer and Explorer Sport Trac.
2009-2011 F-150

Performance Automatic is the leader in Ford performance transmission technology. Our expertise and innovative products have been recognized nationally.

Here is a pic of my 84 with a 438ci sbf, super comp c4/trans brake. On motor it made 612hp 560trq..... currently in the process of adding and F1A procharger to the mix. Thanks for a great product
Joey Herauf


Performance Automatic’s “C4 Coyote Drag Pack System” transmission package is designed to compliment Ford’s New 5.0 Coyote Engine. We start off with our C4 Super Comp transmission, which is rated to 1000 horsepower and has a lifetime warranty and add our SFI Pro Fit bellhousing. We also include our SFI certified Coyote flexplate, matching block plate, lock top dipstick and filler tube, bellhousing and flexplate bolts. Completing the “Drag Pack” is our 10” Pro Launch converter custom designed to enhance the unique performance characteristics of the Coyote engine and built to your specs with anti ballooning plates and a billet cover. Our “C4 Coyote Drag Pack System” is a combination of the highest quality parts we offer and was created to be a direct bolt up. Accepted in many NHRA, IHRA, NMRA and NMCA classes (check sanctioning bodies for specific details); our C4 Coyote Drag Pack will provide you with performance, consistency and reliability you are looking for. Backed by our “Guaranteed Forever Lifetime Warranty”, this is transmission package to have.
We also have the C4 Coyote Stock Heads Up Package, PASS26109.

Performance Automatic is the leader in Ford performance transmission technology. Our expertise and innovative products have been recognized nationally. To find out more, please visit www.PerformanceAutomatic.com

Performance Automatic in its never ending quest to stay on top of today’s need for modern day transmission packages has come up with an addition to its popular Street Smart Packages. Our PAGM Series Street Smart Systems are exclusively designed to compliment selected GMPP Crate Engines. These GMPP Crate Engines have been increasingly popular with Street Rodders and Muscle Car enthusiasts alike. Performance Automatic has developed customized overdrive transmission packages and has made it easy to pick a combination for your vehicle. The PAGM Series Packages have been designed for both performance and street ability. Our kits also include all the necessary transmission components to complete the installation.
We have utilized electronic, 4L80E, 4L70E and 4L60E, and non electronic, 700R4 and our 765R4, overdrive transmissions to make sure we have covered the all potential of each combination. All of our electronic transmission packages come complete with our “Smart Shift” transmission controller and matching wiring harness for a” plug in and go, no laptop required “ installation. Our Street Smart Converters are designed to give that “stop light to stop light” performance and to stretch that tank full of gas running down the highway in lock up. With the PAGM series, will also provide you with a complete hardware kit consisting of all the nuts and bolts needed for your particular combination.



Performance Automatic’s “Smart Shift” Electronic Overdrive Transmission Controller is now available for the GM 4L60E, 4L65E, 4L70E, 4L80E and 4L85E. The “Smart Shift” comes pre-programmed for a direct plug in and drive away installation. No downloads or computer hook ups required. The complete wiring harness is included for your specific application and each connector is clearly labeled for easy installation. You can fine tune you shift points, shift firmness and torque converter lock up using the easy to use knobs on the end of your “Smart Shift” Complete controls at the end of your finger tips! Our “Smart Shift” transmission controller works great with any Street Rod, Muscle Car, Resto Mod or Pro Touring Car. Let “Smart Shift” connect that modern electronic overdrive transmission with your engine.

Performance Automatic is an authentic American transmission manufacturer dedicated to the design, engineering and quality of the country’s most respected performance transmissions. For more information, please visit our website www.PerformanceAutomatic.com or follow us on Facebook.

Performance Automatic announces the release of one of our newest PAGM Street Smart Systems for selected General Motors Performance Parts Crate Engines. PAGM Series Street Smart Systems are exclusively designed to complement the GMPP “350DX”, “350HO”,”ZZ4”, and “RJ350” engines. These GMPP Crate Engines have been increasingly popular with Street Rodders and Muscle Car enthusiasts alike. Performance Automatic has developed a customized 4L60E electronic overdrive transmission that we include in our PAGM Series Packages which has been designed for both performance and street ability. Our kits also include all the necessary transmission components to complete the installation.
All of our electronic transmission packages come complete with our “Smart Shift” transmission controller and matching wiring harness for a” plug in and go, no laptop required “ installation. Our Street Smart Converters are designed to give “stop light to stop light” performance and to stretch that tank full of gas cruising down the highway in lock up. With the PAGM series, will also provide you with a complete hardware kit consisting of all the nuts and bolts needed for your particular combination, dipstick and filler tube, new trans mount and a dust cover.

Another “Street Smart” solution from Performance Automatic.

C4 “6” Clutch High Gear Drum

Performance Automatic is pleased to announce its new C4” 6” Clutch High Gear Drum. The PA26473 is a complete replacement component for all 1970 and up C4 transmissions; no other modifications are required to use this part. The factory drum had 4 clutches (at best) in the original high gear drum. Performance Automatic’s “6” Clutch High Gear Drum includes Raybestos Red Stage One Performance Frictions, which are larger than ordinary C4 clutches, and new steels. This is the same “6” Clutch High Gear Drum we use in our famous 1000 horsepower C4 Super Comp transmission, so it is proven to be able the hold plenty of power! Performance Automatic also offers many other upgrades for your C4 transmission.

Performance Automatic is the leader in Ford performance transmission technology. Our expertise and innovative products have been recognized nationally.

“ LS Engine to Turbo 350 Transmission Street Smart System”
Performance Automatic has created yet another Street Smart System to complement GM’s LS series engines. This “firewall back” Turbo 350 Street Smart System is designed to use this new style engine with the very familiar Turbo 350 transmission. This bolt up package comes complete with our Stage 2 Turbo 350 transmission, 11” LS Street Smart Converter, trans mount, dust cover, hardware kit, dipstick, filler tube, LS flexplate and LS crank adapter, plus Performance Automatics “Lifetime Warranty”. Rated to handle 550+ horsepower, this PA35105 LS Turbo 350 Street Smart Package, is the only transmission kit you will need.
Check out our NEW C4 SERVICE PARTS. Click on "Service Parts" at the bottom of the Parts and Accessories on the left hand side of our home page. You will also be able to see the application chart and the full listing of parts in the intructions section.

Performance Automatics 5R55 Super Streeter Transmission is a high performance direct replacement for all 2005-2010 Mustang GTs with the automatic transmission. Why settle for a factory rebuild when you can get the Performance Automatic Super Streeter that has been stepped a notch with some high performance tricks that make it better than OEM. The PA27101 5R55 Super Streeter trans has high performance clutches and bands along with several hydraulic modifications the make this 5R55 a blast to drive. Don’t forget to add the optional Deep Aluminum Pan with Dipstick and filler tube, PA27455KT, and see how easy it makes it to add fluid upon installing as well as the extra fluid it holds and makes this transmission last longer and perform better. Performance Automatics PA27101 5R55 Super Streeter makes the perfect direct replacement for your 2005-2010 Mustang GT.

Performance Automatic is the leader in Ford performance transmission technology. Our expertise and innovative products have been recognized nationally. To find out more, please visit www.PerformanceAutomatic.com
Performance Automatic has another addition to its electronic Street Smart Systems line. The Smart Shift Paddle Shifter is designed to provide paddle shifting capability to your Muscle Car or Street Rod with the look and feel of an OEM system. Easily installed behind any aftermarket 5, 6, or 9 bolt steering wheel, the Smart Shift Paddle Shifter does not require any external wiring or messy splicing into your vehicle’s wiring system. The paddle unit is powered by simply attaching to the horn button wire, eliminating any external wiring on the column. The Smart Shift Paddle Shifter communicates with the transmission control unit via a wireless receiver module. The receiver module plugs into your Smart Shift Transmission Controller unit harness with one simple, pre-installed plug. The Smart Shift Paddle Shifter also comes with a display that allows the driver to view many items including, vehicle speed, engine RPM, TPS, coolant temp, TCC lockup, transmission temp and gear position, plus many others. The Smart Shift Paddle Shifter comes complete with; Paddle Shifter, receiver module, wiring harness and hardware. What a great way to upgrade your Smart Shift Controller or your electronic Street Smart Systems Package.
PA99110 Smart Shift Paddle Shifter 5/6 bolt steering wheel
PA99110-9 Smart Shift Paddle Shifter 9 bolt steering wheel
Performance Automatic is the leader in performance transmission technology. Our expertise and innovative products have been recognized nationally. To find out more, please visit www.PerformanceAutomatic.com

Performance Automatic is proud to announce its latest addition to our GM Performance Transmission line of parts, the 700R4/4L60E Pro Shift Super Servo Package, PA70411. Our 700R4/4L60E Pro Shift Super Servo Package fits all GM 700R4 and 4L60E transmissions. Our 700R4/4L60E Pro Shift Super Servo Package comes complete with the 2nd Gear and Overdrive Servo assemblies, springs and hardware. The PA70411, 700R4/4L60E Pro Shift Super Servo Package is perfect for heavy duty and high performance applications. The PA70411 has 35% more apply area than the Corvette servo. An adjustable pin tip is included to set perfect band clearance. Some of the benefits you will see when using our Pro Shift Super Servo Package are positive 1-2 shifts, quicker servo release on the 4-3 downshift, positive 3-2 kick down and better holding capacity in 4th. American made and built from 6061-T6 billet aluminum, the Performance Automatic 700R4/4L60E Pro Shift Super Servo Package, PA70411 is the servo you want for your 700R4 or 4L60E!

Performance Automatic is proud to announce its latest addition to our Ford Performance Transmission line of parts, the AOD Pro Shift Super Servo, PA53411. Our AOD Pro Shift Super Servo fits all Ford AOD transmissions. Our AOD Pro Shift Super Servo delivers better holding capacity, provides a positive 4th gear shift and helps eliminate premature overdrive band failure. The PA53411 AOD Pro Shift Super Servo is perfect for heavy duty and high performance applications. Designed to increase holding capacity and boost performance, the PA53411 has 11% more apply area than the stock “A” servo. American made and built from 6061-T6 billet aluminum, the Performance Automatic AOD Pro Shift Super Servo is the servo you want for your AOD!
This beautiful 1973 Comet GT belongs to Andy Charlton. C4 Super Comp Trans is doing its job!
We have assembled a line of performance rebuild kits that have the parts needed to freshen up or rebuild the most common rear wheel drive transmissions used in performance vehicles today. All the seals, gaskets and clutches you need to bring your transmission back to life!

Our Pro Max kits start with our handpicked overhaul kit with high performance clutches and bands then we go and add all the extra performance mods to really step up the program. We add a valve body shift improvement packages, racing type clutch plates and various servos, valves, sprags and washers to make this the best kit you can buy. These are the same parts we use on all of our Street Smart and racing transmission packages
Performance Automatic is proud to present its 904 and 727 Chrysler Torqueflight Street Smart Packages. Whether it’s a Street Rod, Muscle Car, or Pro Touring, we have the package for your Small or Big Block Chrysler. Our 904 and 727 Chrysler Torqueflight Street Smart Packages are a great direct replacement transmission kit for your Classic or Restored car. These Street Smart Packages are a great compliment to all the Chrysler Crate Engines currently on the market. All units get a thorough rework with high performance clutches and bands, high performance shift kit and many other upgrades. The PA12104, 904 TF Street Smart Package, PA13104SB AND PA13104BB 727 Street Smart Packages include a Lifetime Warranty!
Performance Automatic demonstrates its know-how in the construction of its high performance transmissions through our focus on quality, setting strict standards that govern each step of our manufacturing process. Performance Automatic since 1983. To find out more and locate a dealer near you, please visit www.PerformanceAutomatic.com

Building a Ford engine to produce a lot of horsepower, your choices are unlimited. Finding an automatic transmission to handle that power, not so easy, until now, Performance Automatic’s C4 Super Comp Transmissions are rated for up to 1000 horsepower and have a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Our C4 Super Comps come fully loaded with all of best components available in the industry. The PA26107 comes with our reverse manual transbrake valve body and the PA26108 is the same transmission without the transbrake. Either way, you are getting the best in the business and a warranty to back it up. Performance Automatic Super Comp Transmissions have found their way to many winners circles by going round after round. This is the trans you want when you want the best!

Performance Automatic is proud to have added Ford C6 Street Smart Packages to our very popular Street Smart Systems line. Small Block, Big Block or FE Ford Engines, we have a C6 Street Smart Package to fit most 60’s and 70’s Ford and Mercury passenger cars. All of our packages include our Super Streeter C6 transmission, an 11” Street Smart Converter, dipstick and filler tube, PLUS a LIFETIME WARRANTY. The SBF kit also includes a block plate. All of our components are matched to your specific engine model to make for an easy installation. C6 Street Smart Packages are the perfect selection for those looking for a C6 transmission in their Muscle Car, Street Rod or Pro Touring Machine.
Thanks for the fast service.
Ron Adesso Sr.
Performance Automatic is an authentic American transmission manufacturer dedicated to the design, engineering and quality of the country’s most respected performance transmissions.
And everything in between!
Greg Montoya's beautiful Twin Turbocharged 84 Coupe with a Performance Automatic AOD Super Comp Transmission.
Mark Santee "Hands down the best trans I've ever run and awesome staff to back it up!"
The PA80103 4L80E Street Smart Package was installed with the GM Crate engine.
Another dream I recently got to fulfill was taking my 1949 Chevrolet Step Van on the 2013 Hot Rod Power Tour. I wrote a blog about for Hot Rod that you can read here. It was my first time on the HRPT, and I can’t see myself missing another! We had a great trip. I met so many amazing people with great car stories to hear. It’s truly something to behold when you see 3000 hot rods cruising the back roads of the South.

A HUGE thanks goes out to my friends at Summit and all of their partners! Those folks are true hot rodders at heart and know their stuff! This project wouldn’t have been possible without all of them.
Check out this awesome FE engine Paul Hrebec is going to bolt up to our 4R70W/FE Street Smart Package, PASS45105
Dale Schroeder was kind enough to send us a couple of pictures of his beautiful pair of race cars running our Performance Automatic C4's
Dale Schroeders "Crush"
Jay Mac "I love my pa trans and customer support was top notch. You guys are the best at what you do that's why you guarantee your transmissions forever"
Performance Automatic is proud to announce its latest addition to our ever growing line of electronic transmissions accessories.

The SGI-5 Universal Signal Interface Unit can handle nearly any of your electric speedometer signal conversion and calibration issues. The SGI-5 can recalibrate 2,000 pulse per mile (ppm) through 250,000 ppm electronic speedometer pulse rates, either up or down. The SGI-5 is great for adjusting aftermarket and OEM electric speedometers on vehicles after changing rear end gears, tire sizes, or drivetrain changes affecting the speedometer.
The SGI-5 is used as either a signal multiplier (up to 4X) or signal divider (up to 125X), making this unit extremely flexible for almost any application. While the SGI-5 is intended to correct only the signal feeding the electronic speedometer, in many cases where a speed signal is shared on a databus, the SGI-5 can instead correct the signal feeding the engine and transmission computers.
If your vehicle is equipped with an anti-lock braking system (ABS), it is generally advised to ensure the signal reaching the ABS controller is not altered to eliminate any potential problems affecting control algorithms within the system. Some vehicles also utilize the output shaft speed to calculate transmission slip and lock-up. When a signal feeding the PCM is altered, this may cause the PCM to detect a constant slip. Consulting a service manual may be of assistance in determining the signal routing within the vehicle if the SGI-5 is decided to be used in a situation such as this.
Unit measures 4" x 2.5" x 1" and is designed to be mounted inside a vehicle
PA99124 Universal Signal Interface

Performance Automatic is proud to announce its latest addition to our ever growing line of electronic transmissions accessories.

Finally, the missing link between your muscle car’s original, cable-driven speedometer and swapped-in electronic transmission!
Measuring a compact 5” x 4.1” x 2.15”, the new Electronic Cable Drive, or ECD-100 for short, allows the use of a mechanical-cable speedometer to be used in conjunction with a modern drivetrain which provides only an electronic output. Available with provisions for GM thread-on, GM clip-on as well as Ford clip-on style cables, the ECD-100 offers the utmost in adaptability. Supplied cable is 36” in length.
Quiet operation from the powerful motor allows the user to place the module inside the cabin. The case is waterproofed, allowing it to alternatively be mounted under the hood, or even inside a fenderwell. Simple calibration with a remotely-mounted switch means there are no DIP-switches to hassle with; access to ECD module is not required! Industry-standard ‘measured-mile’ calibration as well as speed adjustment while driving, based on a GPS or other known-speedometer reading, keep setup ultra-simple.
The ECD-100 uses PID control of the cable speed to provide quick, smooth operation as well as preventing overdriving or damaging the speedometer needle. Consider this the most precise and easiest to use cable-drive unit on the market!
PA99121 Electronic Cable Drive GM/FORD 5/8” Thread on
PA99122 Electronic Cable Drive GM Clip On
PA99123 Electronic Cable Drive Ford Clip On
ATOMIC Transmission Control Module
The all new MSD Transmission Control Module was developed completely in house, evolving from the engineering expertise and proven performance of our Atomic EFI technology. This Atomic Transmission Control Module is a stand-alone system that will work with most OEM or aftermarket fuel injection systems, as well as carbureted applications equipped with a stand-alone TPS. This allows you to take advantage of modern 4 speed overdrive transmissions and the inherent flexibility associated with electronic controls.
Some of the features the ATOMIC TCM;
Adjust the operating parameters of later model electronically controlled GM or Ford 4 speed overdrive transmissions.
Simple to configure with the supplied Handheld Monitor- no PC required.
OEM style connectors allow direct plugin to popular GM and Ford transmissions.
Adjust shift points, shift firmness, torque converter clutch behavior, and more.
Monitor the operation of your transmission in real-time.
Select between auto-shift mode and manual- shift mode.
• A wiring harness must be purchased separately to connect the ATOMIC TCM to your specific transmission. Performance Automatic offers the following;
GM 4L60-85E, 1993-up or 4L70, 2006-2009 – PA99501
GM 4L70, 2009-up – PA99502
FORD AODE/4R70W, 1998-up – PA99503
FORD AODE/4R70W, 1992-1997 – PA99504
FORD 4R100, 1998-up –PA99505
FORD E4OD, 1995-1997 – PA99506
FORD E4OD, 1989-1994 – PA99507
Shaft is made from 300M steel. Ideal for high horsepower applications. Much needed with power adders. Fits 6R80 equipped Mustangs and Raptors. Direct fit, no modifications required.
PA68406 $539.95
This 1960 Ford Falcon Ranchero is owned by Floyd Haines from Boonsboro, MD. Powered by a 420 ci Small Block Ford and Performance Automatic's C4 Super Streeter Trans. Floyd drives this car daily and has won multiple cars shows. What a beautiful car!
This is Mauricio Henrique's Ford Maverick Sedan. Mauricio is from Brazil and drives this car on the street also. His C4 Super Comp, PA26107, is shifting great!
Check out the video in our video section.
I met your team at Spring Carlisle and they offered to build an early C4 transmission for my 1969 Mustang Convertible. Bill, Ed and Gerald were very helpful providing technical advice and recommending a torque converter for my application.
I installed the C4 last week and it is absolutely fantastic! Quick and responsive with firm but not harsh shifts.
It is clear you and your team take pride in your work, thank you!
Steve Cowan
Rockville, MD
This beautiful truck is driven on a regular basis. Many custom touches include a GMPP Ram Jet 350 Crate engine and our PAGMRJ350-60 Street Smart Package. Bill expects over 20 mpg with this engine - trans combination. It even has AC!
Performance Automatic is proud to offer its new SFI Big Block Ford Pro Fit Bellhousing to the Ford AODE/4R70W Electronic Overdrive Transmission. Built from high grade lightweight steel and hardened to 80,000 PSI strength, this Pro Fit Bellhousing is bulletproof. One of the many attributes this Pro Fit Bellhousing has is that it will allow you to use the AODE/4R70W transmission that is ideal for most Street Rods, Muscle Cars and Pro Touring Machines. The Pro Fit Bellhousing, PA45500, will work with any Ford AODE or 4R70W transmission and accommodates the OEM type flexplate and factory style starter. The PA45500 Pro Fit Bellhousing includes the blockplate and all the Bellhousing to engine bolts. The PA45500 will also utilize any AODE/4R70W torque converter. Performance Automatic offers a “Smart Pack” with all the additional components needed to complete your project. The PA45500 Pro Fit Bellhousing lets Performance Automatic helps you overdrive your ride!

Brookville Roadster built 5 brand new roadsters and drove them to the LA Roadster Show from Ohio. We are happy to report 3 out of the 5 were built with our PA70104 700R4 Street Smart Packages. Lots of miles, no problems. Let Performance Automatic overdrive your ride !
Performance Automatic's PASS45103 4R70W Coyote Street Smart Package is the official automatic transmission for these limited edition Roadsters.
Performance Automatic takes a state of the art approach to putting a “Ford in a Ford” for those who choose a Big Block 429-460 Ford engine and want to run the extremely durable 4R70W Ford Overdrive transmission. Performance Automatic has a new version of its 4R70W Super Comp Trans; the PA45103 is sporting a new custom designed steel SFI Pro Fit Bellhousing (PA45500) which will accept all torque converter configurations and an OEM style starter and flexplate. The PA45103 4R70W Super Comp Trans has our full manual transbrake with valve body with manual lock up and overdrive controls, no transmission controller required. Inside this Trans we use Raybestos Racing Clutches, a large overdrive servo, hardened stub shaft, Raybestos Pro Series Wide Band, special drum and diode, a deep aluminum pan and Kolene Steels. This 4R70W Super Comp Trans is rated to handle over 750 horsepower! From Street to Strip, the PA45103 is what you need to put your Big Block Ford into Overdrive.

Another “Street Smart” solution from Performance Automatic
Performance Automatic presents our new “Smart Packs”. “All the stuff you need when you need it!” We have Smart Packs for the Ford C4, AOD, AODE and 4R70W and for the GM 350,400, 700R4, 4L60E and 4L80E transmissions. Each Smart Pack is transmission specific, so the parts you get are the parts that will fit your application. All Smart Packs include; hardware, block plate or dust cover, dipstick and filler tube, trans mount and a trans cooler kit with braided steel lines. Depending on your trans, you may also receive a TV cable, shift linkage or vacuum lines. Smart Packs for all the electronic transmissions come complete with the Atomic Trans Controller and wiring harness. The Smart Packs are designed to work with any make transmission, no matter where it comes from. Every Smart Pack comes in one easy to order box with all the parts and pieces you need to finish your project, even an installation guide and a case of AFT formulated for each transmission! Smart Pack, just add your transmission and converter, and you’re done.
The Car Craft Magazine Project "Demon" is up, running and looking great. It uses the Performance Automatic Torqueflite 727 Comp Trans, PA13106, and the 10" Pro Launch Converter, PA13203.
In the interest of safety, Performance Automatic is proud to announce that they have an SFI Certified Flexplate for the Ford Coyote 5.0 Engine to the 4R70W and 6R80 Overdrive Transmissions. The PA26469 is made to the exact spec needed to mate this engine-transmission combination together without crankshaft, starter or converter complications. It is SFI certified, has extra welds and will accept any factory or aftermarket torque converter. This flexplate is 164 teeth and is set up for the 8 bolt crank, PA26469, is the one you need!

Performance Automatic is now considered to have the most complete Ford Automatic flexplate line in the country. Performance Automatic carries flexplates for the Small Block, Big Block, FE, Modular, Coyote and Lightning engines.
Performance Automatic is the leader in Ford performance transmission technology. Our expertise and innovative products have been recognized nationally.

This beautiful 1935 Ford Truck belongs to Ryan Welch. Ryan has our C4 Street Smart Package, PASS26103, and drives it as much as he can. He made the drive to our shop last week to show us. The details on this truck are awesome. We also learned Ryan just retired from the military, and Ryan, we thank you for your service.
This is Dennis Eberly's Chevy Nomad from York, PA. Dennis's transmission of choice is our 4L60 Street Smart package, PA60103.
Our C4 Super Comp Transmission is still one of the most popular racing automatics in the country. From the streets to the strip, this trans is very capable of both. This beatiful Mustang Coupe belongs to Devin Holder who is one of our transmission techs. The PA26107, is rated to handle up to 1000 horsepower and has a lifetime warranty.

Adding to its extensive line of automatic transmissions and components, Performance Automatic is proudly offering automatic transmission crossmembers to fit a variety of popular 60’s and 70’s muscle cars. Engineered and design specifically to install a modern day overdrive transmission in 60’s and 70’s GM street machine and 67-73 Ford Mustangs. Each crossmember is Laser cut from Structural steel, MIG welded and powder coated, so it looks as good as it is strong.
Performance Automatic is now offering a variety of transmission coolers and cooler kits. These kits are available for Ford and GM transmissions. A step up from Tube & Fin type coolers, our Plate and Fin coolers feature strong furnace-brazed construction, embossed turbulators which maximize heat transfer while also minimizing pressure drop. Very popular with Muscle Car enthusiasts and Street Rodders for use on their vehicle for just cruising or taking that long trip to a car show. It greatly extends transmission life by preventing heat-related transmission failures, and improves shifting performance. We offer 5, 9 and 15 row coolers with GVW ratings of 14,000 lbs and up, so we have the correct cooler for your application. The 15 row cooler comes with an electric fan so it will keep your trans will cool in extreme conditions, perfect for autocross or road racing! All of our kits include 11 feet of steel braided or performance engineered line which you can easily cut to the exact length you need. Plus, we supply all the proper fittings and hardware made for either your GM or Ford transmission.
Performance Automatic not only offers some of the country’s most popular transmissions and torque converters, but all the other components and accessories associated with any quality transmission installation or upgrade.
Our Lighted Temperature Gauge kit helps monitor critical transmission or oil temperatures to avoid overheating vital fluids and helping to save hundreds to thousands of dollars of damage to transmission or engine components. A modern black-on-white face with 140°-300° F temperature range and a 2 5/8" diameter, this accurate gauge includes a mounting bracket, 1/8" NPT sensor, transmission pan adapter/drain plug allows in pan sensor mounting option.
Specifications ;
Temperature range: 140-300° F
Gauge size: 2-1/16"
Sending unit thread size: 1/8" NPT

Features ;
Transmission or engine oil temperature
2-6/8" diameter electric gauge includes mounting bracket, 1/8" NPT sensor, and transmission pan adapter/drain plug to mount sensor to pan

PA99301 Transmission Temperature Gauge

2015 Goodguys Rod & Custom Choice Giveaway Program

Here’s how it works:
At all 18 Goodguys National Events, all registered participants will receive a ticket in their registration packets to turn in at the Choice Product Giveaway Booth. Over the course of the event, tickets are drawn and the winning participants will get to choose their prize from the products in the Choice Product Giveaway Booth. All products will be described in detail and shown on video screens inside the booth. Performance Automatic will be offering $250.00 towards any of our Street Smart or PAGM transmission packages purchased directly from us.
For show details, go to www.good-guys.com

Performance Automatic’s brand new catalog, volume 10.12, features our full line of custom transmission packages, accessories and transmission components for Ford, GM and Chrysler. This 28 page full color catalog is loaded with information, pictures and charts that will help you choose what is best for your Street Rod, Muscle Car, Pro Touring Machine or Race Car. It also highlights our brand new line of 5 and 6 speed electronic overdrive transmissions and our soon to be famous “Quik Connect Program”. This new catalog can be viewed or downloaded on our website; you can also request a printed copy.

Performance Automatic has expanded and upgraded its GM 4L80E Street Smart Transmission line. We are now offering 5 and 6 speed versions of this rugged unit. The new “Pro Shift” 5 and 6 speed transmission packages are available for most GM and Ford Small and Big Block engines. Need the flexibility of a 5 speed? Performance Automatic has that ready for you in two different power levels. The 5 speed “Pro Shift” version also has electronically controlled engine braking. Want the ultimate? The new “Pro Shift” 4L80E 6 speed Performance Automatic transmission is here. Designed and built with the best parts available, the 6 speed “Pro Shift” has a better gear ratio spread for those vehicles the need the most out of their transmission. The “Quik Connect Program” is also included with our 5 and 6 speed “Pro Shift” transmission packages.
Performance Automatic is the leader in performance transmission technology. Our expertise and innovative products have been recognized nationally.
The "Ask the Owner" link is working again. We apologize if you sent a message that was not answered or took longer than normal. Please know that customer service is a priority at Performance Automatic and that our system was updated so that this will not happen again. Thanks for your support and we look forward to hearing from you.
Performance Automatic’s “Quik Connect Program” is a comprehensive program that contains easy to follow instructional video and personalized technical assistance for various products from Performance Automatic. It’s that extra service that is needed in today’s high tech hot rod world. The “Quik Connect Program” is tied to specific products offered from Performance Automatic. These products will have a special designation near their part number. Once the customer registers the product, they will have access to the complete program. The “Quik Connect Program” will be featured with selected Performance Automatic 5 and 6 speeds “Pro Shift Transmission Packages”.

April 9-12 Spring Auto Fair Charlotte, NC
April 17-19 GoodGuys Raleigh NC
April 17-19 2015 Summit Racing Equipment Atlanta Motorama Atlanta, GA
April 22-26 Spring Carlisle Carlisle PA
May 22-23 Lane Automotive Show Watervleit, MI

June 5-7 NSRA Nationals York, PA
June 5-7 All Ford Nationals Carlisle PA
June 26-27 Camaro Nationals Frederick, MD
July 10-12 Good Guys Nationals Columbus, OH
August 6-9 NSRA Street Rod Nats Louisville, KY
Sept 24-27 Fall Auto Fair Charlotte, NC
Sept 30-Oct 4 Fall Carlisle Carlisle, PA
October 23-25 Good Guys Charlotte Charlotte, NC
November 4-6 SEMA
Las Vegas, NV
Dec 10-12 PRI Indianapolis, IN
4R70W Comp Trans hard at work in the Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords Project Car.
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Event Hours:

Friday, July 10 - 8:00am to 5:00pm
Saturday, July 11 - 8:00am to 5:00pm
Sunday, July 12 - 8:00am to 3:00pm


Show Features

Over 6,500 Rods, Customs, Classics, Muscle Cars and Trucks thru '72
K&N Filters All American Sunday welcoming American made or powered vehicles of all years
Goodguys Autocross
Friday Nite Vintage Drags at National Trail Raceways *
AutoCross for Kids - Help Fight Pediatric Cancer! Take a ride with a Pro Class Driver! Rides take place on the top of every hour on Friday and Sunday
Over 300 Vendor & Manufacturer Exhibits - More info
Swap Meet
AutoTrader Classics Cars 4 Sale Corral
Model & Pedal Car Show
Live Music Entertainment Featuring "Missbehavin"
Goodgals Arts & Crafts Gallery
Hot Rod Seminars
Grand Prize Giveaway Roadster Debut! - More info
Free Kids Entertainment - Revell Model Car Make n’ Take, PPG Kids Coloring Contest, Clowns & More!
*Additional Ticket Required – Discount Tickets For Registered Participants Available At Registration.
Goodguys 18th PPG Nationals
July 10-12, 2015
Ohio Expo Center
717 East 17th Avenue, Columbus, OH 43211
PERFORMANCE AUTOMATIC WILL BE DOING A FREE SEMINAR ON FRIDAY AUGUST 7 " ELECTRONIC TRANSMISSIONS MADE EASY" Time and location TBA. Stop by and check out all of our great products at our indoor display. - Over 10,000 street rods, customs, muscle cars and street machines will be on hand at the Kentucky Expo Center this summer as the National Street Rod Association® presents its 46th Annual Street Rod Nationals Plus. The dates for the city’s largest vintage car show will be August 6, 7, 8, 9, 2015.

This will be the 21st time the NSRA Street Rod Nationals Plus has been held in Louisville and an all time high number of participants and spectators are expected this year. Almost all of the Kentucky Expo Center will be utilized for the event as well as many of the buildings, which will house over 350 manufacturer and dealer displays and other attractions.

The host organization, NSRA, defines a street rod as a modernized vintage vehicle that must be of pre 1949 manufacture. These vehicles are equipped with the latest options available on the newest model vehicles, including but not limited to disc brakes, air conditioning, cruise control, and tilt steering wheel. Most of those attending have updated the engine and drive train to enable the owner to cruise down the highway in comfort and safely maintain the speeds traveled by more modern vehicles. All vehicles must be driven on to the grounds.

Included in this event are muscle cars, those factory produced high horsepower machines from the 60’s and 70’s along with the classics cars of the 50’s. This is truly unique mix of old and new together for the first time at Kentucky Expo Center and a national gathering of fine vintage automobiles of every description. The NSRA Street Rod Nationals Plus is the area’s largest automotive participation event and spectators from around the area will attend the event.

The NSRA Street Rod Nationals Plus is an excellent event for spectators to attend and those who take time to attend will be treated to the sights and sounds of some of the most beautiful, best constructed vintage vehicles ever assembled in one place. One of the special attractions for the spectators is that they can walk right up to the vehicles and check each one out close up as they are not roped-off or otherwise confined. All are in the open and can be examined top to bottom, front to back, inside and out. While the exquisite paint and other features of the car should not be touched, spectators are free to look to their heart’s content.

The big automotive show will be at the beautiful Kentucky Expo Center and is open to the public August 6, 7, 8, 9, 2015. Make your plans now to attend the 46th Annual Street Rod Nationals Plus in Louisville, Kentucky. It promises to be one of the biggest vintage car shows in the city’s recent history and you can enjoy every exciting part of it.

Those of us at NSRA know you won't soon forget it.
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