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Torque Converters
Torque Converters
Torque Converters
Performance torque converters are generally grouped by size (diameter) and stall speed.

As the diameter of a torque converter
decreases, the stall speed (RPM) goes up. Most of the factory torque converters are 12-13 inch diameter and have a stall speed around 16-
1800 RPM. This promotes excellent fuel economy and drive ability because
they are specifically designed for these purposes.

The problems arise when the modifications are done to the fuel system, camshaft or other engine control systems. Smaller diameter torque converters are needed to provide more slip at idle. This allows engines with a lot of camshaft to idle better. As the torque converter and
horsepower range is moved higher through the RPM range, the smaller torque converters with their higher stall speeds provide maximum torque multiplication where needed. Also the same torque converter will react differently when used behind different engines.

So make your torque converter selection with the help of qualified personnel.

Performance Automatic has endless converter combinations to make your car or truck perform at its utmost potential.

Performance Automatic has combined a true performance feel and value
price to its 12" torque converters. These units feature modified internals
to provide great off the line starts while retaining remarkable street
ability. Fully balanced and tested these units provide a stall speed 400-
600 RPMs over stock configurations. Great product, even better price!

• Balanced
• Bolt in
• 400-600 over stock stall
• Direct replacement
• Fully streetable.

Designed with performance in mind, our 11" torque converters are built to
take the punishment. Fully furnace brazed with extra bearings and balanced
to provide years of dependable service. This famous 11" torque converter is our hottest selling street strip converter. Designed to give approximately 1000 RPM stall over
stock a stock converter, this unit will provide a greater launch and low end power. It is engineered to withstand the punishment of full throttle starts.

• Balanced
• Furnace brazed
• Needle bearings
• Approximate 25-2800 stall
• Bolt in
• Fully streetable and super launches.

Performance Automatic has recognized the importance of building an ultra high performance 10" torque converter that is compatible with some street use. Our 10" Pro Launch converter is designed to be used in conjunction with high compression, nitrous
oxide, bigger duration camshafts, stout gear ratios, turbochargers and blower applications.

Stall speeds of 1000 to 2000 over stock converters can be expected. Additional cooling is a must. These converters are just the ticket for high horsepower street application provided you have proper cooling and gear ratio. Just bolt in and hang on!

• Furnace brazed
• Needle bearings
• Balanced
• Custom designed
• Ballooning plates
• Bolt in
• 3000-4500 RPM stall speeds
• Incredible launch
• Full race construction.

8" and 9" Converters available, please contact us for details.
      part number description price QTY  
      PA12201  11" 904 Small Block Converter  475.14 
      PA13201  11" 727 Small Block Converter  543.34 
      PA13202  11" 727 Big Block Converter  543.34 
      PA20201  12" 2004R Lock up Converter   475.14 
      PA26211  10" C4 26 Spline 10.5 BC Converter  740.01 
      PA26212  11" C4 26 Spline 10.5 BC Converter  484.23 
      PA26215  10" C4 26 Spline 11.5 BC Converter  740.01 
      PA26215LP  10" C4 26 Spline 11.5 BC Large Pilot Converter  740.01 
      PA26216  11" C4 26 Spline 11.5 BC Converter  484.23 
      PA26216LP  11" C4 26 Spline 11.5 BC Large Pilot Converter  484.23 
      PA27200  10" 5R55 Billet Cover Single Disc  1389.63 
      PA27201  10" 5R55 Billet Cover Triple Disc  2634.08 
      PA35201  12" Turbo 350 Converter  199.39 
      PA35202  11" Turbo 350 Converter  391.94 
      PA35203  10" Turbo 350 Converter  576.46 
      PA36203  10" C6 11.5 BC Converter  724.92 
      PA36203LP  10" C6 11.5 BC Large Pilot Converter  724.92 
      PA36204  11" C6 11.5 BC Converter  484.32 
      PA36204LP  11" C6 11.5 BC Large Pilot Converter  484.23 
      PA40201  12" Turbo 400 Converter  189.43 
      PA40202  11" Turbo 400 Converter  383.94 
      PA40203  10" Turbo 400 Converter  564.70 
      PA45201  10"AODE/4R70W Single Disc  819.26 
      PA45202  10"AODE/4R70W Billet Cover Single Disc  1389.63 
      PA45203  10"AODE/4R70W Billet Cover Triple Disc  2634.09 
      PA45251  12" 4R70W/AODE Lock up Converter  716.58 
      PA53203  10" AOD Billet Cover Non Lock Up Stock Shaft  878.31 
      PA53204  10" AOD Non Lock Up C6 Shaft  730.17 
      PA53250  12" AOD Super Streeter Lock Up  493.90 
      PA53251  12" AOD Street Smart Non Lock Up Converter  504.18 
      PA60201  12 4L60E Lock Up Converter   485.06 
      PA60202  10" 4L60E Single Disc Lock Up Billet Cover  1046.30 
      PA60203  10" 4L60E Triple Disc Lock Up Billet Cover  1787.03 
      PA68200  10" 6R80 Billet Cover Single Disc  1389.63 
      PA68201  10" 6R80 Billet Cover Triple Disc  2634.08 
      PA70201  12" 700R4 Lock Up Converter  475.14 
      PA70202  10" 700R4 Billet Cover Lock Up  922.97 
      PA80201  13" 4L80E Lock Up Converter  856.48 
      PA80202  10" 4L80E Single Disc Lock Up Billet Cover  1307.88 
      PA80203  10" 4L80E Triple Disc Billet Cover Lock Up  2233.80 

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