Electronic Cable Drive

Performance Automatic is proud to announce its latest addition to our ever growing line of electronic transmissions accessories.

Finally, the missing link between your muscle car’s original, cable-driven speedometer and swapped-in electronic transmission!
Measuring a compact 5” x 4.1” x 2.15”, the new Electronic Cable Drive, or ECD-100 for short, allows the use of a mechanical-cable speedometer to be used in conjunction with a modern drivetrain which provides only an electronic output. Available with provisions for GM thread-on, GM clip-on as well as Ford clip-on style cables, the ECD-100 offers the utmost in adaptability. Supplied cable is 36” in length.
Quiet operation from the powerful motor allows the user to place the module inside the cabin. The case is waterproofed, allowing it to alternatively be mounted under the hood, or even inside a fenderwell. Simple calibration with a remotely-mounted switch means there are no DIP-switches to hassle with; access to ECD module is not required! Industry-standard ‘measured-mile’ calibration as well as speed adjustment while driving, based on a GPS or other known-speedometer reading, keep setup ultra-simple.
The ECD-100 uses PID control of the cable speed to provide quick, smooth operation as well as preventing overdriving or damaging the speedometer needle. Consider this the most precise and easiest to use cable-drive unit on the market!
PA99121 Electronic Cable Drive GM/FORD 5/8” Thread on
PA99122 Electronic Cable Drive GM Clip On
PA99123 Electronic Cable Drive Ford Clip On